Restart FAQ's

1. What is RESTART?
The Restart Model allows for a local BoE to operate a school with the same exemptions from statutes and rules as a charter school authorized under Article 14A. A school operated under this subdivision remains under the control of the local board of education, and employees assigned to the school are employees of the local school administrative unit with the protections provided by part 3 of Article 22. 

2.  Are Cooper and North Johnston Middle becoming charter schools?
No. The JCS Board of Education have applied for both of these schools to the NC Board of Education to have special allowances under NC Law. If approved this action will allow both schools greater flexibility in areas such as finance, calendar, and curriculum. Both Cooper and NJMS will still be public schools operated by the Johnston County Board of Education.

3. Will these schools become schools that students have to apply to attend?
These schools will continue to serve the community and attendance area that they have traditionally served. 

4. I have heard that teachers do not have to be “highly qualified” to teach in these schools?
Johnston County Schools is committed to providing the best educational environment for all children at all schools. Johnston County Schools will only hire teachers at both of these schools that have college degrees in the areas that they will be teaching. What the restart law will allow is for greater flexibility in the actual license. For instance a teacher that has always taught High School math may now qualify to teach Middle School math whereas before there could have been complications in licensing. 

5. What does it mean for each site?
Both schools are in the planning phases and are awaiting approval from the State Board of Education. Both schools are exploring calendar modifications, school day modifications, and curriculum changes. Both schools will be publishing site specific plans on their websites. 

6. Will Johnston County School Board Policy continue to be used at both schools?
Yes. These schools will continue to operate under the control of the Johnston County Board of Education. 

7. Will school transportation still be provided?
Yes. Both schools will continue to be served using the same transportation services. 

8. Will students still have access to school lunch?
Yes. Johnston County Schools Child Nutrition will continue to serve the same role in both schools. 

9. Will athletics still be available at NJMS?
Yes. The same athletic opportunities will still be available at NJMS. 

10. Will these schools still offer services to children being served through the Exceptional Children program?
Yes. Johnston County Schools will always follow all state and federal guidelines in all of its schools. Students will receive services as the various programs prescribe and require.
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